League Tennis – Pennants

Adult Pennants

Peppermint Grove Tennis Club has a variety of adult teams across different levels that compete in a number of competitions throughout the week.

These competitions take place on: Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday day & night, Thursday night, and Saturday afternoon.

To enquire about joining an adults pennants team, contact our Pennant Co-ordinator today.

Junior Pennants

Junior Pennants is a league conducted by Tennis West. Club players are placed in a team of similar standard players and compete against other clubs. The matches are conducted Sundays between 8.30am and 12:00pm during the summer season.

Junior Pennants is the best entry-level competition for juniors as it is the least intimidating option. Playing as part of a team, both singles and doubles, reduces the importance of the individual result, and allows the players to enjoy the experience of winning and losing with the support of teammates and parents.

Our Successes

In 2023, Peppermint Grove Tennis Club took out both the State League and Division 1 Women’s championship titles