Playing Guide & Conduct


  1. The Club welcomes players of all levels. Members and their guests are welcome to use the clubhouse. 
  2. Outside of organised social play, if other players are waiting for a court, please limit your play to one hour only.
  3. The Club has a court booking system for the hardcourts, grass courts cannot be reserved via this system.
  4. Please wear proper tennis shoes; no joggers, black or ripple soled shoes.
  5. Pennant teams and coaches have priority over courts at set times. The club has courts available for members at most times, with the exception of Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings
  6. We ask members and visitors to keep their dogs at home for the safety of all patrons at the club.
  7. We are a Sun Smart club. For more information on how to play safely in the sun, click here.

Playing on Grass

  1. Please loosen nets after play.
  2. Please DO NOT play on grass courts if wet as this can damage the court and lead to the court being closed. To test if a grass court is playable, put a knee on the surface, if damp, avoid play.
  3. Please wear appropriate grass court shoes as other types of soles can damage the surface; no joggers, black or ripple soled shoes.

Dress Code

Please wear recognised tennis attire at all times. Proper tennis shoes must be worn; no joggers, black or ripple soled shoes as these can damage the court surface.

Code of Behaviour

To read up on Tennis Australia’s Code of Behaviour for tournaments and weekly competitions here and for PGTC’s Code of Conduct, please click here

For some general common sense etiquette, click here